"The course of learning Internet cloud skills is at your fingertips with this alternative, you can increase your knowledge of topics such as automatic learning, database, multimedia services, game technology, Internet of things, migration and transmission, applications and desktop streaming, Mobile device solutions, etc. at the first public sector summit, held in Bogota, Colombia, on Thursday, March 28, AWS educate announced its cooperation withThe country's national learning service (Sena) is the equivalent of Costa Rica's National Institute of learning (INA). according to the company's connection with online trading giant Amazon, cloud computing has been LinkedIn?'s number one skill for the past two years, That's why AWS educate meets this need by providing an academic portal © Mico provides it and cloud services for the next generation of it and cloud professionals. in addition, he ensured that these courses were launched last yearThe region, Spain and Portugal © Yeah. He said that when they give lectures, if the speakers don't speak Spanish, they will also provide translators, so that the participants can make the most of the information and opportunities. can we expect to establish a similar alliance in Costa Rica? we have been talking with universities in Costa Rica. We haven't specified it yet, but over time we are happy to have a close relationship with ina and other entities."They provide free education to Costa Rican citizens," Daniel said. the alliance between AWS and Sena provides benefits for students and educators, including the possibility of receiving CRI © The amount of dollars required to access the AWS cloud console and execute the practices provided by the program. credit card © From $75 to $200, the last one is for teachers, because they should spend more time experiencing PA.RA preparation course. although the course is free, it allows them to create accounts and create virtual servers to migrate data. This makes it easier for you to start playing, watching and doing different actions, such as getting involved in the Internet of things, viewing and connecting devices. "it allows you to practice without spending money," Daniel commented. in addition to this education program, there are © They have another one like AWS college, which is m.At the institutional level. this means that an institution decides to become an AWS college and promises to allow our team to accredit teachers so that they can provide students with AWS content and courses. Daniell said, "we offer this kind of certification free of charge, just to coordinate with the organization." finally, the project manager guarantees that they also have it © There are scholarshipsTeachers who are conducting research. "they apply for a certain number of credits © Cloud consumption, for a one-time project, we give them credit © Come on, so they can investigate, "Daniel said. the first AWS public sector summit was held at the Gora Conference Center in Bogota, with 2000 participants, and the president of the Fourth Republic, mulquez, also visited the conference.

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