In the past few years, people have realized the benefits of accessing store directories from any device. In addition to its several advantages, no longer have physical constraints is the most important factor to attract new consumers. there is no doubt that the fashion industry is undergoing a thorough revolution. Today, it's easy for consumers to browseProducts (and stores) range from mobile devices, applications, computers to social networks. this new context forces fashion brands and different retailers to adjust their business models substantially, Understand new technologies and platforms to meet customers' needs and remain "competitive" when new competitors arrive. despite the efforts of brands and retailers in advertisingIn order to adapt to these changes, there will still be some interruptions in the process, such as the inability to choose to measure clothes or the lack of expert advice in the purchase process, plus the problem of having to return goods due to size or quality problems. however, From the perspective of sellers and consumers, the development of online clothing sales is obvious, and the industry is experiencing an obvious growth process.The following five trends show the potential of online clothing sales: 1. Investor confidence has increased recently, it was reported that the British online store LYST has successfully raised $40 million; Zarandot (also) © As a fashion e-commerce company from Germany, as a retailer, it is showing considerable growth. These are just two examples of how investors feel about investorsClothing online sales industry. The possibility of using new technology to measure clothing online obviously, the ability to measure clothing is a key point and a considerable obstacle for online purchase of clothing. According to a study by Microsoft and retail weekly, 58% of users believe that buying clothes is based on their body, just because they can measure the size of clothes. However, it's a local storeOnline ODA is still inexperienced. this shows that online stores have great opportunities to improve their photography products, make users become content generators, and invest in body scanning technology or virtual reality technology. technology is, There is no doubt that this is an area where companies have to invest to improve the experience of digital buyers. Virtusize, for example, is aThey compare the clothes they have bought with the clothes they have bought to help them find the right size. 3. Online shopping as a social activity 100 years ago, shopping was a social process. Customers go to a store and get in touch with other people, whether they are sellers or other buyers. Thanks to new technology, online shopping © N become a social activity: users have many tools to useAccording to a 2013 bazaarvoice study, 70% of consumers will read the research reports of other users before making a purchase decision. 4 When you think of the concept of cooperative economy brands like airbnb and Uber, cooperative economy becomes fashionable. However, the concept of cooperative economy is out of dateIn addition to the fashion industry. the millennium is the driving force behind this trend, because although they don't always have a budget to pay for expensive clothing, they are certainly looking for a representative experience for them. services such as rent the runway, which provides designer clothing or le Tote, In this case, users can choose to buy clothes indefinitely, which has become a good choice for shopping. 5. Fashion is no longerFor the exclusive industry with the continuous change of social media in the industry, fashion is no longer a closed or exclusive circle; In fact, anyone can enter the fashion world now.

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