You do not only do backlinking to improve your positioning in SERPs * and because Google gives inlinks a certain value. You also do this to create, drain traffic to your site, establish your presence on the web, your authority and your popularity on the internet, your future customers or members of your

Definition of backlink We call backlinks permalinks which, coming from other websites point to yours.

We also talk about inlink . In French we use " Inbound link " or " Back link ". The search engines consider that they confer a certain authority on your site since these links are interpreted as a recommendation for further reading or a reference to the content of the article that publishes it.

Backlinking is first of all to be organized and methodical: Make a backlink per day at breakfast Vary and balance sources of links Carefully select your referring sites

Vary your anchors Don't just point to your home page, think "internal pages" Stay as much as possible in your theme Stay mostly on sites in your territory and the language of the site

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