*Twitterrific [#pd8b4375]

-配布元:Iconfactory [[Twitterrific>http://iconfactory.com/software/twitterrific]]
-Twitter / [[Twitterrific>http://twitter.com/Twitterrific]]


**キーボードショートカット [#u25489f1]
-Q - Quit Twitterrific 
-W - Close the Twitterrific window 
-R - Refresh list of tweets 
-K - Mark all tweets as read 
-2 - Reply to the selected tweet (using "@name") 
-D - Send a direct message 
-Tab - Toggle between the tweet list and message input 
-↓/↑ - Scroll through tweets list 
-⌥↑ - Go to the newest tweet 
-⌥↓ - Go to the oldest tweet

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