The Guide to E-commerce Platforms The quickest way to start selling products online is to create a virtual store using an e-commerce platform. Most of these platforms charge monthly fees which vary depending on the service offered. Even free platforms charge for processing credit card purchases. For example, Shopify charges between € 23 and € 267 for hosting a store and adds 2.2% + 20 cents per transaction. WooCommerce? , the plug-in for WordPress sites, charges hosting costs ranging from € 3.50 to € 4,458 as well as multiple additional costs.

A number of e-commerce platforms offer extensions allowing you to personalize the experience you offer to your customers. Shopify's app store contains more than 2,000 extensions and plug-ins that help you improve your store performance. This includes Social Proof Marketing features , exit pop-ups , security improvements, and user confidence features . Here is our selection of the best platforms available in 2019:

Shopify Creation: 2006 Price: 26-267 € / month Extensions: There are additional costs for optional features

Shopify is the best known and easiest to use platform. Pre-formatted store templates allow anyone to build an online store in minutes. There are many data analysis options available on Shopify. The platform also offers a wide variety of applications to improve its conversion rates.

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