Eventually we decided friends was best. After we made this decision he asked me “well, what do we do 2021-02-03 (水) 01:21:42” and i responded confidently “well, I leave, I go home, and I get over you and move on.” He quickly asked “well what if you don’t get over me?” and i responded, “give me a few days and I’ll go back to what i do best…..(short pause) well, I’m outta here. I’ll see you the next time I see you.” Funny thing is, he told me to stay and that he wanted to continue talking. He ended up buying me dinner that night and we watched a movie. Guys certainly do need time to think it over, and with my knowledge of this experience and this lovely article i ran across, I have learned that if you show the guy you could care less about the outcome, this helps them think it over quicker. They also can’t take pressure to make any decision at all. What would the world be without women? A couple days later he texted me asking me why i wasn’t there hanging out with him. Good luck to any girl who has this situation. It’s extremely frustrating. REPLY

Kaneisha November 8, 2009 at 9:19 pm

Hi Lisa! Sounds like you’ve got the “shrug and prance away” routine down pat! Did you end up getting back together with the guy after all? I find that first two weeks back together after they’ve thought it through can be a little rocky. I wish you the best!

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