There was a great piece in the Mercury News the other day about narcissism and entitlement, and how the affairs of Tiger Woods and John Edwards were due to psychological defects that could be treated. So.. if the men can be treated, why wouldn’t the wives stay with them? dadshouse´s last blog ..Spring – Time for a Girlfriend! My ComLuv? Profile

Ken Iisaka says:

March 24, 2010 at 2:40 pm Of course, it depends on circumstances. However, looking at the history of human behaviour, it seems unlikely that a marriage lasts without some indiscretions and infidelity along the way. Rather than having a unrealistically perfectionistic view of a marriage, where the couple lives happily ever after, falling out of love, deception, betrayal and all the nasty bits are usually a part of the course. Life is, not just marriage, is like that. It’s how we deal with the problems, and in a marriage, how the two deal with the problems together, is what matters, no matter what the outcome is.

Ken Iisaka says:

March 24, 2010 at 4:21 pm And if I may add, it’s not whether a certain body part made contact with another person’s certain body part. It’s also very much in the mind, and a relationship can also be intimate without being physically intimate. And that can violate the expectations of the other in the partnership.

Yet, how realistic really is it that we remain monogamous for life? Our evolutionary paths has left the majority of us promiscuous, both in body and in mind. Even other creatures that are said to mate “for life” turned out to be not so monogamous at all, either.

I am not really defending either side, but we are who we are, and we must look at who we are.

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